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  ijon d6bb445388 Removed badforum_key.jks 1 year ago
  ijon 3e64741091 Added the trivia questions on registration (see triviaQuestions.txt) (addresses #5) 1 year ago
  ijon 7daa89de8d Updated README 1 year ago
  ijon f359ada9c0 Added SSL support, with instructions on how to set it up on server startup (closes #1) 1 year ago
  ijon a055651cca Making some code a bit more clear, removing commented-out Bootstrapper code 1 year ago
  ijon 504f2942b9 Fixed some README errors 1 year ago
  ijon 515cfe56ea Removed now-unused class 1 year ago
  ijon a494fa086e Bounced server from Tomcat to Jetty, since it looks like SSL configuration in Tomcat is XML-only and that's no good 1 year ago
  ijon e322a93168 whoops 1 year ago
  ijon f684154f2c Updated README and properties files 1 year ago
  ijon de38064dbd FloodProtectionService now prunes idle trackers every minute 1 year ago
  ijon fbeafc7f68 Added flood protection to general page views (10/s), posting new topics (2/min), and replying (4/min) 1 year ago
  ijon 2bbb93ae75 Added checks for post and topic length (2000 and 100 characters, respectively), fixed the post textareas not filling in properly on posting error 1 year ago
  ijon c662f54205 Now runs in Java 9+ (some reflection issues appear in Spring still, but it doesn't seem to be a showstopper) 1 year ago
  ijon 111152ff03 flood blurb 1 year ago
  ijon c4ada44269 Re-included deleted and moved posts/threads in their respective counts, for consistency purposes 1 year ago
  ijon 9689e96b88 blurb 1 year ago
  ijon aa6b2773e2 should probably mention how to start it up 1 year ago
  ijon 7cc6dc4e8b Changed JPQL query in registeration with a repository query, clarified "illegal character" error message 1 year ago
  ijon ee5a731f3f Removed email field from registration and settings, since it's not used anywhere 1 year ago
  ijon bac1aec623 oh right gogs markdown is kinda dumb 1 year ago
  ijon 562ea0adbf Added README, let users with only the default role mess with each other (if permissions allow for it), and anonymous users to mess with each other (again, if permissions allow) 1 year ago
  ijon 82bbe47ef9 Moving header stuff around 1 year ago
  ijon 580b4587ff Added breadcrumb trail to top of boards/threads/posts 1 year ago
  ijon bd84468e10 Added /post (for viewing a post or the thread it's in) and /singlepost (for viewing the post separately from its thread) 1 year ago
  ijon b95f016a03 Added <h3> tags to separate protected and unprotected settings, disabled checkboxes for roles you can't grant/ungrant 1 year ago
  ijon a4c49fbefd Separated board page size setting from thread page size setting 1 year ago
  ijon 514e0ebbb7 Implemented ForumPreferences class, and with it the ability to set your default page size 1 year ago
  ijon 1d85ce931e Added pagination to board/thread display 1 year ago
  ijon 56c527feb3 Board management now respects priority, boards now default to "All users" being able to view and post 1 year ago