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  ijon 2decfe2adc update README 1 week ago
  ijon 810d87bf42 This credits update has been sitting un-committed for a year 1 week ago
  ijon c04a084377 Air score bonus no longer treats being in water as being midair 1 year ago
  ijon 5daa47fea9 Rearranged some DECORATE files, exempted barrels from the power scaling 1 year ago
  ijon a444adbfb5 Typo 1 year ago
  ijon 3b33c85efe Added CVar "dakka_vanillahealtharmor" for people who want to use vanilla HP/AP balancing 1 year ago
  ijon 071819467e Nerfed flamethrower's max direct damage, buffed direct damage buildup rate and afterburn duration 1 year ago
  ijon c0d44851ae going back to the old speed values for quack movement, keeping the scalar cvar in 1 year ago
  ijon be18e73eed on second thought, maybe the default scalar should be 1, and the base speeds reduced to match 1 year ago
  ijon 2cb5b572a2 dakka_quakemovement.wad now has a speed scaling CVar (dakka_quake_speedmult) 1 year ago
  ijon 733f87695a SSG now responds to reload inputs more quickly/reliably 1 year ago
  ijon 9c42108582 Cleaned up unused temporary items 1 year ago
  ijon a869292359 Now you can switch which button toggles fuller-auto on the minigun (altfire/zoom/reload) 1 year ago
  ijon b82b6b5e0c Why was "dakka_pistols.h" capitalized in dakka.c 1 year ago
  ijon 820305af77 The standard ACC #includes don't have Zandronum definitions, so I'm dropping mine into Dakka 1 year ago
  ijon d6ac95bc06 Hey wait a second this sound isn't even in the mod anymore 1 year ago
  ijon e0d56ba892 [DAKKTEST] Fixed "Unknown script Score_GiveRegen/Lives" errors 1 year ago
  ijon 40831495c1 The fist alt-fire now lets you hold it for 9 tics (approx 0.25s), making it easier to use 1 year ago
  ijon a12cce6ca3 Updated how-to video link in README 1 year ago
  ijon b2927884a7 Got rid of user_index/user_dropped from ClassBasedPickup, to make the (harmless) warnings go away 1 year ago
  ijon e6e77cf730 dakka_score_interval now capped to 1 when predicting score thresholds on client (same as server) 1 year ago
  ijon cc6d832a02 Fixed multiple bugs with small values of dakka_score_interval 1 year ago
  ijon 9efb134235 Fixed Zandronum switch-on-pickup crash 2 years ago
  ijon 1d5dab3817 BFG shots now +BLOODLESSIMPACT 2 years ago
  ijon 81e5b7399c Untouchable bonus now rounds better (no more 2499 untouchable points from a 5000 hp monster) 2 years ago
  ijon e559da4789 Made Dakka_Open_Client never run in singleplayer, regardless of IsServer 2 years ago
  ijon c73baa11a5 If the gun you had equipped at the end of a map is taken away, you now start the next map with your pistols out 2 years ago
  ijon 146b46171d Walk speed is now vanilla walk speed (I thought ForwardMove1 and ForwardMove2 used the same scale) 2 years ago
  ijon f69f358cc0 Update README 2 years ago