Overhaul of the painter/paint wand in Hellshots Golf

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Painter Overhaul for Hellshots Golf

This is an addon for Hellshots Golf which adds two new weapons, NewPainter and NewPaintGun. These are recoded versions of the Painter and PaintWand in Hellshots Golf, and have the following improvements:

  • When holding the Reload button, your aim is locked in place, and a cursor appears on your screen. When painting, your stream of paint will follow the cursor. This works with the Software renderer, Zandronum's OpenGL renderer, GZDoom's softpoly renderer, and GZDoom's OpenGL renderer.

  • The color selection menu has been redone. Now you can select colors by moving your mouse towards the color in question, as well as using the movement keys as before. Your selection isn't forgotten when you let go of the movement keys or stop moving the mouse (unlike the old system), and when selecting a diagonal color with the movement keys, you're much less likely to accidentally select one of the nearby colors when letting go of the keys. Also, if you were holding any movement keys when entering the menu, those are ignored until you depress or release a key, allowing you to painlessly select a color with the mouse when moving from place to place.

  • The paint cursor and color selection menu have been clientsided, which means your ping will not affect the responiveness of either of them.

  • Painting is now Bezier-interpolated, meaning you now get smooth, continuous curves when moving the mouse quickly, rather than many discrete dots. The amount of dots spawned is capped heavily online, for bandwidth's sake.

  • The painters have been made more responsive in general.

Truthfully, I made this to put my screen-to-world ACS to use, and because the color menu annoyed me. The only other screen-to-world code I'm aware of for Doom is coded in ZScript, which is unavailable to Zandronum.