Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  ijon f395dde186 You can now put binaries in bin_usr/ instead of adding them to $PATH 2 years ago
  ijon d311149f4a Mention filter/ support because that's kinda nice 3 years ago
  ijon b45e8f7dbf Do with/as when opening ACC's process, just in case 3 years ago
  ijon 1b185b9f1a Hey some of this stuff in the README is outright wrong now 3 years ago
  ijon 12e1dff197 Clarified name argument's default, updated README 3 years ago
  ijon 5c7554999b Cut down ACC output, added "-r" option to recompile all ACS/GDCC no matter what 3 years ago
  ijon 190bd31f18 Told 7zip to shut up 3 years ago
  ijon d0905235f4 GDCC object file is now "gdcc.o" by default, added a couple more command line options 3 years ago
  ijon 1a6548e8d7 makepk3 now takes arguments 3 years ago
  ijon 3f61a29289 standardize folder check between GDCC and (G)ACC building 3 years ago
  ijon da3213bfbf i should probably use stderr for errors 3 years ago
  ijon f68ac45ed3 gdcc isn't acc 3 years ago
  ijon b50c773d64 Added filter/ directory support 3 years ago
  ijon 3618ffb608 GDCC build/link funcs no longer directly read GDCC_SRCDIR, GDCC_LIB(PATH)S, or GDCC_TARGETPATH 3 years ago
  ijon f069e10053 debian based distros store 7za in p7zip-full 3 years ago
  ijon d0635d03e1 maybe i should actually read my shit rather than just hacking on a solution 3 years ago
  ijon 691a7cde8d Update GDCC to 0.13.2 3 years ago
  ijon 038150c8fb Update ACC's zspecial.acs 3 years ago
  ijon a077524e61 makepk3 no longer fucks up if you have no ACS header files 3 years ago
  ijon d771bdad5f Updated zdefs.acs for ACC 3 years ago
  ijon 8548967d34 Ignore desktop.ini files when building PK3s 3 years ago
  ijon 98a58c05b0 No longer errors out if no objects exist 3 years ago
  ijon ffd27c6bf0 it doesn't build pk7s now get the fuck outta here 4 years ago
  ijon 39ab68c04e Now makepk3 won't erroneously say nothing needs updated after an error 4 years ago
  ijon 8ca48384c1 Updated zspecial.acs to match the Zandronum wiki on (Named)RequestScriptPuke 4 years ago
  ijon e1abbe6b8f makepk3 now actually makes PK3s 4 years ago
  ijon 4087b57e93 Streamlined significantly 4 years ago
  ijon c64a1c9b6d Added ISWINDOWS constant in, reworked compilationFiles function 4 years ago
  ijon b0b52d3c5b added a pre-compile step - relies on executing arbtirary code in project directory, so don't be stupid 4 years ago
  ijon 3e5205ce22 Add constants for Zandronum's GetGameModeState 4 years ago