Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ijon 5d8fa90bfb Cache display scripts - cuts down lookup time for display scripts by a fucking lot 4 years ago
  Ijon 82772003a6 Merge branch '3.0' 4 years ago
  Ijon bc321558a2 Fix armor pickup behaviour - turns out BasicArmorPickup always starts from 0 armor when given 4 years ago
  Ijon 27cc7b43a6 For some reason this doesn't wonk out with max armor bonuses, and pretty much removes the need for Pickup_OneArmor 4 years ago
  Ijon cbe8cd2d18 Revert "Remove workaround for [-1, -128] arguments - not needed in 3.0" (2.0 does need the workaround) 4 years ago
  Ijon 5c1ab883e8 move string blank checks to commonFuncs.h/stringBlank 4 years ago
  Ijon dbf8981409 Comparing strings to 0 *wasn't* safe, but comparing to the commonFuncs zero string is. 4 years ago
  Ijon 322a88a4d3 Named scripts are now supported. 4 years ago
  Ijon d7cedd2671 Remove workaround for [-1, -128] arguments - not needed in 3.0 4 years ago
  Ijon c58ef8a070 Merge branch 'master' into 3.0 4 years ago
  Ijon d4a1ea73f2 Use native strcmp and stricmp 4 years ago
  Ijon 9ee777d68c readme 4 years ago
  Ijon 4c4e91e1f4 Add in ATYPE_ADDTOHIGHEST, use highest armor max for ATYPE_QUAKE2 4 years ago
  Ijon 00008ddf67 use GetArmorInfo instead of relying on armor entries for your current armor 4 years ago
  Ijon 0c8662abd5 comment change 4 years ago
  Ijon 24950b959b Separated out the actual inventory-changing pickup code into its own function, so other scripts can use it 4 years ago
  Ijon df66af3c33 Pickup messages no longer lag behind a pickup 4 years ago
  Ijon 5bc9989b3a Probably should just have it go straight into the pickup display stuff rather than waiting a tic. 4 years ago
  Ijon 2880d4c3ce Item respawn no longer makes items invisible. Needs testing. 4 years ago
  Ijon d23ac76e04 CToS_ForceSendAll now makes the client reping the server until it gets the right response. Also, C2S testing. 4 years ago
  Ijon 1d13bb626b Slight optimization - only init DISP_ScriptArgs if we're running scripts 4 years ago
  Ijon 69033e7458 Reworked scripted displays: now the normal class-based SetActorState is always done, so scripts don't have to SetActorState manually 4 years ago
  Ijon 97bdac95e8 For the sake of convenience, you can now omit empty pickup slots in PKP_ReceiveItems. 4 years ago
  Ijon 75fd5048cd oh right, blank pickup items should be skipped 4 years ago
  Ijon b0d99ca623 Pickup system now sends class number to client starting from 0 instead of -1 4 years ago
  Ijon 09e91abd34 probably should fix this script number 4 years ago
  Ijon d0c5032c0b To complement the server->client data system, a client->server data system was added. Works about the same way. 4 years ago
  Ijon d79305be26 "Default" keyword added to PKP_ReceiveItems, item checks now case-insensitive 4 years ago
  Ijon 768d4c7790 init 4 years ago