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  ijon 4a6e3a3dd3 Updated README (and hybrid example class) in light of me realizing that friction applies after movement in Doom too 1 year ago
  ijon 6557048bcf Added check to QA_SetEnabled to not do anything if Q_Enabled and the "on" argument are equal 1 year ago
  ijon 40f3d9135f Fixed typo in README 1 year ago
  ijon 57dd06cc36 Fixed movement command clamping when turbo != 100 1 year ago
  ijon fcdd0368d1 Slight optimization in QA_Rotate3D, added %friction->halftime function to README 1 year ago
  ijon 534ffd47e7 BackScale now ignored in the max scale check when going forward (and ForwardScale when going backward) 1 year ago
  ijon 3ecb4adfbe Fixed minor jump/+moveup exploit when swimming or flying 1 year ago
  ijon d764a259a6 Tweaked dropoff detection - now based off actor radius, and actively moving towards a ledge suppresses the check 1 year ago
  ijon 08298d7df5 Simplified unnecessary math in QA_SetRoll 1 year ago
  ijon 68e45c7848 Reworked QA_GetMoveDir to implement speed scalars per-direction 1 year ago
  ijon 34c5efbc0b Fixed README speed values and a few comments 1 year ago
  ijon 124d55622f Added max speed formula for Quake to README, since it's different than Doom's 1 year ago
  ijon 876f85aaab haha u/tic 1 year ago
  ijon 5f33ef8ba0 haha superscripts 1 year ago
  ijon 9be33d54a3 Added vanilla Doom movement values to README 1 year ago
  ijon 39dc0d77ca Add swimming check to the anti-sink hack, bump tag to 1.2 1 year ago
  ijon 0ccabb2161 Renamed QA_JumpZFromHeight to QA_HeightToJumpZ for consistency reasons, updated my comments to reflect my current understanding of the function 1 year ago
  ijon 96e36072c7 QA_JumpZFromHeight is now 100% exact, hybrid class now uses Doom jump height and 60% gravity 1 year ago
  ijon f87b05bb57 Added parameters for the view roll, and a class more between Doom and Quake 1 movement feel 1 year ago
  ijon 3c6f3e055a Switched email address to my new one 1 year ago
  ijon c2ed2b004e Fixed jump height calculation, switched a z to pos.z, updated copyleft 1 year ago
  ijon 413b0f1445 README update, and I guess a 1.1 tag 1 year ago
  ijon 913c964668 Assorted changes to magnetic ledge code (now Q_MagneticLedgeScale), water lower/rise speed based off max speed rather than jump height 1 year ago
  ijon 0b5a7e93ce Eh fuck it, wanting to jump now just wins out over wanting to crouch 1 year ago
  ijon b9e8a40524 Made crouch sliding work as documented again 1 year ago
  ijon 6925f75eaa Holding jump+crouch now cancels both, like in Quake 1 year ago
  ijon a73090d211 Gonna be honest, the Q4 guy is really a mishmash of Q3 and Q4 movement 1 year ago
  ijon d77db2a24e Renamed Q2Wading to Q2SurfaceTension, fixed bug with it and jumping, added WadingSpeedScale 1 year ago
  ijon 3565fe008f Added Q2Wading, to simulate better how Quake 2 handles holding jump when swimming at the surface of some water 1 year ago
  ijon 6a040822dc Added Q_InstantZAdjust, which makes jump/crouch instantly move you up/down when swimming 1 year ago