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  Ijon 2375a34636 So +LOOKALLAROUND does fucking nothing past Zandronum 2.0 5 years ago
  Ijon aa2e07a5ae debug msg gone 5 years ago
  Ijon 61a1d5ee94 very important 5 years ago
  Ijon c62b330a5a also names are important 5 years ago
  Ijon 90a9691381 Hitting players is supported. And now if there's a runaway script, the monster will become unhittable rather than friendly. 5 years ago
  Ijon bb766e31f1 pk3_old gone, license file moved 5 years ago
  Ijon ecc9a99d7b pk3_old gone 5 years ago
  Ijon 7986a015ab init 5 years ago