Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  ijon b2c6b05839 Removed superfluous ActorPointers in BoardArrow_Position 2 years ago
  ijon e4063f485d Fixed debug output - now it doesn't look falsely bugged 2 years ago
  ijon 844a1dbdac Got back to where I was before rewriting the pointer/list stuff 2 years ago
  ijon 4066648e55 Included my own zcommon.h purely to shorten ACS_NamedExecuteWithResult to ACS_Call 2 years ago
  ijon 8dc2f71dec Extended AList_FirstOfClass with the ability to act as a simple iterator 2 years ago
  ijon f3d05d0950 Reboot with completely untested ActorPointer/ActorList code (but it compiles!) 2 years ago
  ijon 8a9d3cc9b5 DList_Remove can now destroy the removed link too 2 years ago
  ijon 8c4d22c40a Board links now go through BoardSquareLink, instead of the list directly pointing to board squares 2 years ago
  ijon bc7660118a Extended DList_ActorInList to handle looking in the linked actor's actor pointers 2 years ago
  ijon 965a344359 Squares now link themselves up based off their args; you can now build a board (but can't do anything with it) 2 years ago
  ijon 5d882861f9 Added DList_FirstOfClass, which returns the first actor of a class in the given list 2 years ago
  ijon c5d76d4e15 Added DList_AppendOrCreate, to make list initialization a little smoother 2 years ago
  ijon 48cd59a479 Links and the like now spawn where the thing they're linking to is, mainly to keep them from clustering at (0, 0, 0) 2 years ago
  ijon 7d4d34c6de Added DList_ActorInList, renamed DList_ToEnd to DList_MoveToEnd, added ActorPointer (a simple class whose only purpose is to point to an actor) 2 years ago
  ijon adf7fb85b9 Added DList_ToEnd, which sets the current script's activator to the start/end of a given list 2 years ago
  ijon 0c3f20286a Added DList_Remove 2 years ago
  ijon d66d265ae2 Fixed up a bunch of TID stuff, renamed DList_Append to DList_AppendActor 2 years ago
  ijon 1b51464f6b Separated second half of DList_MakeLink into DList_Insert 2 years ago
  ijon c0517c4266 Removed DList_Iterate because I realized it's useless 2 years ago
  ijon cece56c942 Flipped meaning of AAPTR_MASTER and AAPTR_TRACER for list links 2 years ago
  ijon 2f9a24a212 Basic actor-based linked list implemented 2 years ago
  ijon 38cf47ad60 initial commit 2 years ago