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  Ijon 030b1e69ba fixed painter puff placement issues, especially when crouching 1 year ago
  ijon 0003a23726 I'm just gonna start including the zspecial with Zandronum stuff in all my projects from now on 2 years ago
  ijon 1690d40345 Painting now works with time frozen 2 years ago
  ijon bbff2ec352 Tweaked how (literal) corner cases get handled regarding Bezier anchors 2 years ago
  ijon 6e9d1d04f9 Removing DebugBezierPoint, and user_t from InterpPoint 2 years ago
  ijon 7d19a958ad Replaced interpolation with serversided Bezier interpolation, based off puff positions 2 years ago
  ijon 145382863e Added free aim interpolation (and the golf_cl_paintinterp CVar to disable it if you want) 2 years ago
  ijon ed71d2ed70 Changed some sin/cos and cos/sin things to tan and cot, respectively 2 years ago
  ijon 45e56599a8 Added paint interpolation (cappable online via golf_sv_paintinterpcap), replaced sensitivity cvar prefixes with "golf_cl_" 2 years ago
  ijon 41b183bbd8 I actually do know why FOV factors into the software deprojection 2 years ago
  ijon 5922d3c12d License 2 years ago
  ijon ff379363a3 Added README 2 years ago
  ijon 435de1ed12 Throwing it up for visibility 2 years ago
  ijon 1e600a66d4 initial commit 2 years ago